Sprucing up Army Corps Wetland Plant Indicators (Update)

Apparently the Army Corps has plowed ahead with its deeply flawed analysis of herbarium records. They posted a document called “Clarifying the Use of Herbaria Records for the NWPL 2018 Update.” However, this document does not even acknowedge the problem I raised, which is that even a plant for which only a third of herbarium records are from wetlands still has far more wetland records that one would expect by chance, because far less than a third of the landscape (more like 10%) is wetland. Rather, such a plant is better described as being over 3X more likely to occur in a wetland sample plot than an upland sample plot. Apparently Army Corps botanists aren’t really rocking what is some very fundamental and basic ecological sampling and inference. These are career folks. Of course they couldn’t possibly be wrong. Here is link to the panel members’ emails, which are published online.



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