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A few years ago I was part of a team doing an environmental assessment for a local road project.  When I saw these trees giant bur oaks (all around four-and-a-half feet diameter at breast height), I knew I’d be among … Continue reading

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Sprucing up Army Corps Wetland Plant Indicators (Update)

Apparently the Army Corps has plowed ahead with its deeply flawed analysis of herbarium records. They posted a document called “Clarifying the Use of Herbaria Records for the NWPL 2018 Update.” However, this document does not even acknowedge the problem … Continue reading

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Sprucing up Army Corps Wetland Plant Indicators

Last week, I decided to check out the Army Corps website to see if they have updated their wetland plant list for 2018. There, I found a link to a presentation that sets forth an approach for a major revamping … Continue reading

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