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Garden in the Drought

July (with one day left to go) has been rough on the garden. In Manhattan, KS, the temperature has exceeded 100 F on 19 days and reached or exceeded 105 on 9 days. It has rained just under an inch … Continue reading

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Seed source and moving up the hierarchy

Back during the winter of 2009-2010 I sowed restoration plots that consisted of twelve grassland species at three sites in three states. At each site I sowed the same species and the same weights of live seeds for each species, … Continue reading

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Niobrara River Ponderosa Forests Burned

This is a brief post on the large fire (>50,000 acres) along the Niobrara River in Nebraska. See Chris Helzer’s excellent Prairie Ecologist blogĀ for amazing photos on the ground in the aftermath of the fires at TNC’s Niobrara Valley Preserve. … Continue reading

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