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Natural Areas Have Intrinsic Value

Much of the conservation community’s current approach to conservation planning is a┬ácommodification of nature. Lands are valued according to laundry lists of the tangible services (e.g. water quality protection, forage, carbon storage) they provide. We might not assign actual dollars … Continue reading

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Born Again

I have been waiting for bitter root (Lewisia redivia) to bloom for weeks now, and I was rewarded during recent stroll near my research plots. The name “Lewisia” comes from Merriweather Lewis, who first described the plant; “rediviva” is apt, … Continue reading

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Garden in the Drought

July (with one day left to go) has been rough on the garden. In Manhattan, KS, the temperature has exceeded 100 F on 19 days and reached or exceeded 105 on 9 days. It has rained just under an inch … Continue reading

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